Directions: Choose the best word to complete each sentence or question.

bobble   bubble   clench   dive   eliminate   fling   grunt   log   rubble   seep   task   trouble   vein   vice   weep   wobble  

1.  An athlete who takes a ___________ intentionally tries to lose a competition, usually for a reason unknown to spectators and fans.

2. The buildings of the city were reduced to ___________ after several months of intense fighting.

3. A person who has ___________ with his car can take it to a mechanic to get it fixed.

4. When water began to ___________ into Tom’s basement, he needed to find the cause quickly.

5. Without a firm grasp on a ball, a baseball player or a football player might __________ it.

6. It’s wise to keep a ___________ of miles traveled in order to learn how much time and money are spent traveling.

7. Is it possible to totally ___________ human suffering from famine, war, and disease?

8. So that Alicia doesn’t ___________ her teeth at night, she wears a special mouth insert that protects her teeth.

9. Joe Biden served under Barck Obama as ___________ President.

10. John Edwards had a __________ with a woman who was not his wife, and this ruined his political career.

11. An important ___________ of a teacher is to keep daily attendance.

12. When water is placed on a hot stove it begins to __________ before it boils.

13. It’s hard to listen to a person __________ without feeling some compassion.

14. If one leg of a table is shorter than the other three, it will probably ___________.

15. A phlebotomist needs to find a ___________ when drawing blood from a patient.

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Answers: 1. dive; 2. rubble; 3. trouble; 4. seep; 5. bobble; 6. log; 7. eliminate; 8. clench;

9. vice; 10. fling; 11. task; 12. bubble; 13. weep; 14. wobble; 15. vein


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