Directions: Choose the best words to complete each sentence.

 absent   buck   can   double   excess   fund   gender   hearty   imagine   jeopardy   kindly   lumber   meal   nausea    obsess


1. Bill worked up a __________ appetite after fishing all day.

2. Would you __________ remove your shoes? Thank-you.

3. Tina’s __________ with shoes is well known.

4. In the United States, it’s not legal to discriminate against someone based on __________.

5. The young man put his entire future in __________ by failing all of his classes.

6. The money they paid in taxes was in __________ of what they owed, so they got a refund.

7. I can’t __________ how much it’s going to cost to get the car fixed.

8. A __________ was established to help the survivors of the typhoon.

9. A large Thanksgiving __________ shared with family and friends is an American tradition.

10. They’re going to __________ Todd because he’s always late to work.

11. __________ from Minnesota forests is found in the construction of homes around the country.

12. If you __________ the recipe for these cookies, you’ll have two batches.

13. Our receptionist was __________ from the office today, so the manager greeted visitors instead.

14. Can I borrow a __________? I want to buy a Pepsi.

15. A woman on the flight experienced some ___________ and spent an hour in the bathroom.

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Answers: 1. hearty ; 2. kindly; 3. obsession ; 4. gender; 5. jeopardy ; 6. excess; 7. imagine ; 8. fund; 9. meal;

10. can; 11. Lumber; 12. double; 13. absent; 14. buck; 15. nausea


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