Directions: Choose the best word to complete each sentence or question. Your options are in the box below:

advice   advise   bore   cause   cram   helpless   juggle   receive  relapse   rise   seal   someday   star   stingy   upset


1. Tanya is trying to __________ two part-time jobs with her duties as a mother of three.

2. Robin Williams was a famous movie __________ who died suddenly this month.

3. After quitting smoking two years ago, Jim is afraid that he might ___________.

4. Many people nowadays feel __________ without their cell phones.

5. Don’t buy that yogurt if the ___________ on the container is broken.

6. Your counselor will __________ you and help you decide which college courses to take.

7. Because our time in Europe was limited to just a few weeks, we tried to __________ as many activities as possible into our schedule.

8. Were you able to watch the sun ________ this morning?

9. Eva should follow her teacher’s ___________ if she wants to be successful.

10. Timmy said he had an __________ stomach, so his mother gave him Pepto-Bismol.

11. __________ you’ll know how to speak English fluently, but you have to study every day.

12. Investigators finally discovered the ___________ of the accident.

13. How much email do you ___________ every day?

14. Edward is too ___________ to donate money to a charity.

15. I’m sorry. I’m not trying to __________ with all of these grammar lessons.


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Answers: 1. juggle; 2. star; 3. relapse; 4. helpless; 5. seal; 6. advise; 7. cram; 8. rise; 9. advice; 10. upset; 11. Someday ; 12. cause;

13. receive; 14. stingy; 15. bore


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