Directions: Choose the best word to complete each sentence or question. Your options are in the box below:

    coward   crawl   dash   exit   fate   flop   gum   have   hinge   hug   mistake   park   post   reverse   spam  

1. Eloise said that she was going to __________ some friends over for dinner.

2. The play was a __________ and lost millions of dollars.

3. Whether or not Great Britain stays in the European Union will __________ on the will of the people.

4. You’re making a big __________ by not saving for retirement.

5. The man was called a __________ for running away from the conflict in his country.

6. Yuck! I stepped on some __________ on the sidewalk.

7. A person’s __________ is somewhat related to his or her behavior.

8. Nguyen and Hong want to go the __________ for a picnic.

9. Shoppers made a mad __________ for the heavily discounted merchandise as soon as the doors to the store opened.

10. Many parents feel compelled to __________ their children whenever there’s a tragedy that involves the fate of a child.

11. Walter always makes a point of locating the ___________ when he stays at a hotel.

12. There’s a ton of __________ that I need to delete from my inbox.

13. Be careful of what you __________ on the internet. Once it’s there, it might remain there for a very long time.

14. I had to __________ underneath my car to locate an oil leak.

15. In order to __________ the effects of global climate change, the United States and other industrialized countries will have to dramatically reduce the production of greenhouse gases.

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Answers: 1. have; 2. flop; 3. hinge; 4. mistake; 5. coward; 6. gum; 7. fate; 8. park; 9. dash;

10. hug; 11. exit; 12. spam; 13. post; 14. crawl; 15. reverse