Directions: Choose the best word to complete each sentence or question.

 another  batch  cost  doze  east  fraud  happy  important  jar  luxury  math  north  outrage  prepare  rant  

1. I have something very __________ to say.

2. Mexico is located __________ of Central America.

3. The teacher went off on a __________ when he learned that no one did the homework assignment.

4. New York is on the __________ coast of the United States.

5. Travelers on long-distance flights often __________ off in their seats.

6. Law enforcement officials in the United States take consumer  __________ very seriously.

7. It’s necessary to __________ for an exam.  

8. George forgot to bring his book to class, so the teacher lent him __________ one.

9. A tightly sealed __________ is a good place to store perishable food.

10. The man’s bravery __________ him his life.

11. A __________ of cookies is cooling on a rack on the table.

12. A penthouse apartment in a high-rise building is a __________ most people can’t afford.

13. Protesters in the street expressed their __________ over the government’s handling of the economy.

14. Champagne was poured in celebration of the __________ occasion.

15. If you have a head for __________, you might make a good accountant.

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Answers: 1. important; 2. north; 3. rant; 4. east; 5. doze; 6. fraud;

7. prepare; 8. another; 9. jar; 10. cost; 11. batch; 12. luxury; 13. outrage; 14. happy;

15. math

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