Directions: Choose the best word to complete each sentence or question. Your options are in the box below:

cooperate   determine   exercise   friend   grand   hook   jinx   knee   lock   minor   okay   pool   school   roast   toast    useless 

1. If you don’t ________ up your bike, it might get stolen.

2. The garage door opener is absolutely ________ without the battery.

3. It will cost a few __________ to buy new appliances for the kitchen.

4. This is a _________ problem which can easily be fixed.

5. How does the government _________ how much we owe in taxes?

6. Sheila believes a ________ is responsible for her run of bad luck.

7. You can hang your coat up on the ________ by the door.

8. Edgar was excited to announce that he made a new __________ at school today.

9. The misbehaving students decided not to __________ with the substitute teacher.

10. Oscar got down on one _________ and proposed marriage to his girlfriend.

11. We’ll need an ________ from the city before building a new house at this location.

12. The doctor said I could control my weight through diet and __________.

13. The _________ year usually begins in late August or early September.

14. The Nelsons bought a _________ table for their basement.

15. During the wedding reception, the best man made a _________ to the newly married couple, Oscar and Betty.


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Answers: 1. lock; 2. useless; 3. grand; 4. minor; 5. determine; 6. jinx; 7. hook; 8. friend; 9. cooperate; 10. knee; 11. okay;

12. exercise; 13. school; 14. pool; 15. toast


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