Directions: Choose the best word to complete each sentence or question.

addition   behave   coffee  complete   door   dry  expire   filth  gold   home   hush   interfere  main  phony   point   ribs    road   room  scam  second   special

1. If meat is cooked on a grill for too long, it becomes __________.

2. Yolanda says she going to __________ with two other girls at a dorm when she goes away to college this fall.

3. A person who is disobedient will not __________.

4. The teacher told the two boy to __________ because they were making too much noise.

5. "Home sweet __________" is an expression many Americans use to refer to the place where they live.

6. During the summer, many people hit the __________ because flying is such a hassle.

7. George went to jail because of his involvement in a million-dollar ___________.

8. It’s necessary to eat fresh food before it ___________s.

9. When speaking to voters, politicians often make ___________ promises that they later can’t keep.

10. The price of __________ goes up and down according to supply and demand.

11. Jeff wants to put an ___________ onto his house because he has a growing family.

12. It took the state three years to ___________ the road-building project.

13. It’s hard to believe the amount of ___________ that can accumulate in a house that is never cleaned.

14. There’s no __________ in building a house in an area that experiences constant flooding.

15. Once Rachel got her foot in the __________ at a large corporation, she was able to work her way up the ladder to a job that paid her well.

16. The sales clerk told the customer to wait a ___________ before helping her.

17. A judge sent a man to jail because he was trying to ___________ with a criminal investigation.

18. Bing cherries are on ___________ this week at $1.99 a pound.

19. ___________ are a very popular form of meat for grilling during the summer.

20. The English teacher asked the students to write about the ___________ idea found in the poem.

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Answers: 1. dry; 2. room; 3. behave; 4. hush; 5. home; 6. road; 7. scam; 8. expire;

9. phony; 10. gold; 11. addition; 12. complete; 13. filth; 14. point; 15. door; 16. second;

17. interfere; 18. special; 19. Ribs; 20. main



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