Directions: Choose the best word to complete each sentence or question.

 apart   ball  bug   catastrophe   chop   dumb   grin     horrible   ignorant   mouth   personal   pity   poll   prank   protect   recommend   resume   spill  swamp   tall  

1. My cherry tree died, so I had to __________ it down.

2. A person who is looking for a new job might have to write a __________.

3. If human beings are to have any kind of future, they will have to __________ the environment.

4. It’s a __________ that so many people were fooled into voting for the President.

5. Sandra didn’t want to __________ her teacher with a lot of questions, so she remained silent.

6. The little girl tried not to __________ any of the water as she brought the bucket up the hill.

7. A divorce can tear a family __________.

8. The internet is not a good place to tell the world about your __________ problems.

9. Jose said that he would __________ the restaurant to his friends after eating the delicious tamales.

10. __________ people have to be careful when passing through short doorways.

11. Jessica was unable to go to work because she had a __________ headache.

12. Joyful partygoers said they were had a __________ at last night’s gala.

13. It’s better to have knowledge than to remain __________ about important global issues.

14. Parts of California need ___________ relief following the devastating fires that wiped out thousands of homes.

15. A __________ taken of eligible voters indicated who might win the next election.

16. Tommy had a happy __________ on his face as he ate his ice cream cone.

17. The students tried to play __________ when the teacher asked who took his chalk.

18. The students who took the chalk played a __________ on the teacher.

19. A __________ full of alligators is not a safe place to be.

20. When I was a little boy, my mother washed my __________ out with soap whenever I used dirty words.

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Answers: 1. chop; 2. resume; 3. protect; 4. pity; 5. bug; 6. spill; 7. apart; 8. personal;

9. recommend; 10. Tall; 11. horrible; 12. ball; 13. ignorant; 14. catastrophe; 15. poll;  

16. grin; 17. dumb; 18. prank; 19. swamp;  20. mouth



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