Directions: Choose the best word to complete each sentence or question.

appreciate   badge   band   blur   chess   cling   crap   crop   deck   errand   flake   garden   grungy   haze   invent   police   scheme   slack   sneak   swap

1. It’s hard to remember things I did in my early childhood. It’s all a __________.

2. Corn is an important __________ in the midwestern states.

3. Jerome is starting to __________ off at work, but he doesn’t care if he loses his job.

4. George and Beth say they feel all dirty and __________ after a weekend of camping outside.

5. Some people don’t really __________ the advantages and privileges that they have.

6. A light __________ in the sky this morning turned the sun orange.

7. Everyone at the party is sitting on the __________ enjoying the warm summer air.

8. Getting a new driver’s license is a necessary __________ few people like to take care of.

9. Employees at that company are required to wear a __________ that shows who they are.

10. My children would __________ to me when they were toddlers.

11. Marianne wants to throw out a bunch of __________ that’s in her garage.

12. The __________ showed up quickly when there was a report of disturbance.

13. Sorry for being such a __________.  I forgot we had a meeting today.

14. Anthony tried to __________ into the classroom, but the teacher caught him and gave him a tardy.

15. __________ is a game of strategy, so players can’t rely much on luck to win.

16. Isabel had to __________ batteries from another mouse becase her batteries were bad.

17. Don’t fall for any __________ that involves giving away personal information.

18. Kevin played drums in a rock __________ in college.

19. Our _________ needs to be weeded because it’s full of weeds.

20. How long did it take Edison to __________ the light bulb?

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Answers: 1. blur; 2. crop; 3. slack; 4. grungy; 5. appreciate; 6. haze; 7. deck; 8. errand;

9. badge; 10. cling; 11. crap; 12. police; 13. flake; 14. sneak; 15. Chess;  

16. swap; 17. scheme; 18. band; 19. garden;  20. invent



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